Aerial View of Bankston Road Regional Sewerage Treatment Facility

Aerial View of Bankston Rd. Regional Sewerage Treatment Facility

This regional sewerage treatment facility serves five existing subdivisions with a sixth in the planning stage. It currently serves 204 single family residences and a meat processing facility rated at an estimated 15,000 gpd. It will ultimately serve 438 single family residences and the meat processing plant. The facility was designed so that it could be modified to take additional waste without increasing its physical footprint.
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Aerial View of N.W. Hammond Regional Sewerage Treatment Facility

NW Hammond Regional Facility

The N.W. Hammond facility was constructed by Tangipahoa Parish Sewerage District No.1 and began operation in 2007. The facility replaced five existing sewerage treatment facilities as well as adding additional residential and commercial customers, predominately motels and fast food restaurants. It was constructed with federal loan funds and cost $327,000.00 to build.
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